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Shipdex is an independent and non-proprietary standard protocol, open to all shipping players who wish to adopt it.

Shipdex is the customization for the shipping community of the international S1000D specification ( already in use for about 30 years in the military sector (naval, land and aerospace) and adopted more recently by the Civil Aviation.

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Shipping community is facing the big challenges of Internet of Things and Big Data management. These challenges introduce the need to produce and manage a huge amount of data on-board and ashore.

Taking advantage of this huge amount of data requires a different way of thinking: how data is built and used, how much of it we can handle, how fast we can process and analyse it, and where and how decisions are made.

The Shipdex Protocol is a powerful “tool” to dramatically simplify how to produce, access and use huge amount of equipment’s technical data.

Indeed, Shipdex is the effective solution to build, manage, exchange and use well-structured and standardized information (in mandatory xml structures) that can be imported automatically into technical documentation repositories (under the name of Common Source Data Base – CSDB) and into ERP or engineering databases.

In addition, Shipdex is the most effective solution to create CMMS databases (with equipment’s configurations, maintenance plans, catalogues information, etc.) importing automatically the data as provided by manufacturers without errors and in minutes instead of many days of data re-typing.

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