the Shipdex Viewer is available now on home page

Dear Shipdex newsletter subscriber,

we are happy to inform you that the Shipdex website domain has changed from to 

The powerful Shipdex Viewer is now available, free of charge, on Home Page.
The Shipdex Viewer is owned by Shipdex organization and it is provided you free of charge for your internal use only.

Manufacturers are allowed to re-distribute the Shipdex Viewer together with the Shipdex datasets, under their own responsibility.

The Shipdex demo datasets provided together with the Shipdex Viewer are for demonstration only and cannot be used for any commercial purpose. 

Every Shipdex dataset copyright is owned by the respective manufacturer.

Unauthorized use is prohibited and will be prosecuted according to law.

For any support you may need, please, contact 

Enjoy your free copy of Shipdex Viewer.

Shipdex technical manager