Shipdex 2.3 free download available

Dear Shipdex Newsletter Subscriber,

The Shipdex protocol, developed to standardize the production, management, exchange and publication of technical manuals, is continuously evolving and attracting a wider audience. 

To further facilitate users to get a better and deeper understanding of Shipdex (its structure, how a Shipdex dataset is composed, how to navigate through Shipdex data) the Shipdex Protocol Steering Committee (SPSC) allows a free download of:
  • Shipdex specification at issue 2.3
  • two demo Shipdex datasets
  • Shipdex Viewer 3.0, to navigate through a Shipdex dataset, search information and print or convert whole of part of it to pdf

All the above items can be downloaded, free of charge, from Shipdex website home page (

For any more information feel free to contact

About Shipdex
Shipdex is a collection of international business rules developed to standardize and improve the production, the exchange and the use of technical information between equipment makers, classification societies, shipyards and ship-owners.

It enables equipment manufacturers and shipyards to structure, write and deliver technical manuals in an advanced electronic and standardized format, much easier and more effective to produce and to subsequently manage, compared to traditional methods of writing technical manuals using word processors.

Shipdex data offer ship-owners the opportunity to eliminate or reduce the traditional pain and high costs in retrieving technical information and loading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CMM (Computerized Maintenance Management) Systems with technical manual contents.

The latest Shipdex 3.2.2 also incorporates the possibility to produce “learning data modules” to create effective SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) compliant CBTs (Computer Based Trainings).

This international protocol has been developed by the non-profit Shipdex organization ( that is also in charge to maintain and improve it to face the new challenges coming from the shipping community (Big Data, IoT, etc.).