Shipdex™ Training

This lesson introduces the main concepts behind Shipdex:
- Why Shipdex was developed
- Who developed Shipdex

This lesson shows the content and the structure of a Shipdex dataset as supplied by a manufacturer to its customers.

The Shipdex dataset showed in this lesson is related to the INMARSAT-C MES FELCOM18, by courtesy of Furuno company.
At the end of this lesson you will know how a Shipdex dataset is structured and composed.

This lesson shows how it is possible to navigate through Shipdex data to retrieve and print information using the Shipdex Viewer, a web-based advanced browser.

This lesson shows the Shipdex dataset developed for the Furuno INMARSAT-C MES FELCOM18 C; it is the same dataset used in Lesson 2 to show the structure and the content of a standard Shipdex dataset.
At the end of this lesson you will know how it simple and powerful to retrieve technical information navigating through Shipdex data using the Shipdex Viewer.

The Shipdex Viewer is owned by Shipdex Co. Ltd. and it is provided – free of charge – to all Shipdex Registered Members.
Manufacturers are allowed to re-distribute – free of charge - the Shipdex Viewer together with the Shipdex datasets.

In this lesson 4 you will understand how it is simple and powerful to import a Shipdex dataset into a Computerized Maintenance Management System, CMMS.

For this scope we will use the AMOS Shipdex Interface 2 and the AMOS Business Suite, by courtesy of SpecTec Group.