Why do I have to pay for registering to SHIPDEX™ ?

SHIPDEX™ is a non profit organisation whose scope is to develop, maintain and promote an international protocol to standardize electronic exchange of the technical data among shipping industry.

The first registration fee will allow you also to:

  • Participate free of charge, subject to reservation, to seminar, conferences and training sessions ( compatible with allowed places due to the fixed number of participants) organised by SHIPDEX™ organisation;
  • Propose changes, modifications, implementation and maintenance in general of the protocol to SPMG (SHIPDEX™ Protocol Maintenance Group) using the web site through member section accessible by Login and Password;
  • Be inserted in the published list of members for SHIPDEX™ community;
  • Have the first year subscription free of charge.

Your fee will contribute also to maintain the SHIPDEX™ web site and promote, diffuse and advertise the SHIPDEX™ Protocol within the shipping industry as far as to maintain contacts and exchanges with other industries Technical Data Standardization Associations like ASD, ATA, ISO etc.